Score Downloads

Until I can get my act together and add TAB and some solo transcriptions to these, there will be some full scores and lead sheets available for promotional download for an unknown amount of time. They present a unique look into our album from the compositional perspective.

The Third Derivative of James Brown Score

This is the first composition that got the whole album rolling. Darren's drum arrangement evolved from a bunch of stuff he was freely jamming to while I was getting his kit mic'ed up for a sampling session we did almost two years ago. I took some loops of him playing a really cool, fast fusion groove with an oscillating rhythmic crescendo and decrescendo (speeding up and slowing down) and chopped it to pieces in Pro Tools and wrote a bunch of stuff over it. Thank goodness, he was willing to re-learn to play something that began as a very idiomatic thing for him yet rapidly evolved (deteriorated) into the stupidly complicated part that is now track 2 on our CD, "The Third Derivative of James Brown." The whole piece can be heard on myspace. Note that I have scored out portions of the drum part in single percussion lines due to the abundance of suspended tuplets a la Zappa; hopefully, Frank would dig this, as it is dedicated to him.

Bionic Hillbilly Score

Bionic Hillbilly is dedicated to all Frogmen past, present and future. Here is the lead sheet/score for you to check out! Watch out! It’s a highly dangerous mission…

Steve’s Stunt Double Score: This is the oldest tune that we decided to put on our new album as most of the material was written somewhere between 2005 and 2006. This is an oldie but goodie, written in 1996 shortly after I moved back into civilian life from the furious world of a US Navy SEAL Team operator. Steve’s Stunt Double was also influenced by all the fun I was having with my new guitar, the Ernie Ball Steve Morse model, which would quickly become my main axe! During this time, the Steve Morse Band was cranking out some killer albums, and then the Dregs released both a live album and new album with Jerry Goodman, which had me transcribing for days! Learning all that music was super inspirational for me. This tune came from all that good energy. Recently, it was fun to include a good old straight up instrumental rock tune like this amidst all the more “hectic” music of Hectic Watermelon.  We had two versions of it for the album, a very slick and polished one, and the rawer and gutsier version that I ultimately chose as track number 9. It was also the first tune that Jerry laid down violin for us in the studio. Ultimately, I have always admired how Steve is such a complete musician and tremendous role model for players of all ages, so here’s to Steve and the Dregs!

Steve's Stunt Double Score and TAB !

- John

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